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Model plugins for Tekla

Project type

C# plugin


Sept 2022



This project contains examples of model plugins that I have created for Atomproekt during my work for this company.
There are only screenshots of my plugins in low resolution due to the company's stringent security rules.

The general idea of these plugins - in different Nuclear Power Plants, there is a scope of common structural solutions for embedded parts and wall penetrations; the only difference is materials and standards for parts (for example, in Russia, steel named C245 is used, while in Europe, steel S245 is used for the same penetrations)

To process this information (standards, drawing set numbers, dimensions, etc.) I have created special plugins that read all the necessary information about structural solutions for the current Power Plant from the Environment folder. All the structural team has to do with this during their work is just pick the plugin from the interface, install the desired type in a model, select necessary (and available!) settings, and enjoy the process.

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